WordPress Theme Anatomy

WordPress themes consist of the following elements. HTML PHP CSS Images WordPress Theme folders contain template file, in which each element will control a specific feature of the theme. Few sections will remain static no matter which page is being displayed. Files which control these sections are known as Header, footer and Sidebar files. Header.php  Header files will display the header section (logo, navigation) of the page and will start the HTML codes. Footer.php This displays the footer Read more [...]

How to install plugin in WordPress manually

This article covers installing WordPress plugin manually. Before starting the following details have to be organized: Admin login credentials. FTP server details of the website. Step 1: Downloading and extracting the plugin to the hard drive The plugins need to be downloaded from WordPress plugin directory or if it is purchased a premium plugin, then it can be downloaded from the website where it was purchased. Plugin, downloaded earlier, will have to be extracted. Step 2: Connecting to Read more [...]

How to install plugin in WordPress directly from plugin directory

The WordPress plugin can be installed in two ways – automatic or manual. This article will cover automatic installation.  This is the easiest way of installing.  The only drawback in this method is that the plugin should be in WordPress plugin directory. Step 1: Login to admin dashboard Firstly, it is required to login to the domain WordPress admin dashboard using the access credentials. Step 2: Searching and installing the plugin Go to Plugins -> Add New in the left sidebar of dashboard. There Read more [...]

How to Convert Data to Excel Format Using HTML Codes: Quick Method to Convert Data to CSV using PHP Code and Libraries

When working on web applications  we may need to convert or export data to multiple formats.  For example, tabular data to be converted to spreadsheet format. In such cases we need to write small applications to export the raw data to excel/csv format.  There are plenty of libraries available to create excel format from php.  It is possible to create excel using php alone instead of using libraries.  But it is recommend to use library while creating since it provides proper information with Read more [...]

How to Install/setup the Premium WordPress Theme

Many of us purchase the Premium WordPress Theme to update our websites to give it a better look and modify the layout to suite our taste. To get this theme up and running easily takes only a few steps. A guide to this is given below. Step 1: Downloading the Theme After purchasing the theme, this has to be downloaded as ZIP file from the source which contains the theme and save it on the computer. Step 2: Installing Theme The installation can be done in 2 different ways: Automatically and Manually. A. Read more [...]

How to Install WordPress ?

WordPress is an open source blog tool and publishing platform powered by PHP and MySQL and was firstreleased on May 27, 2003. It's often customized into a Content Management System (CMS). It has many features including a plug-in architecture and a template system. WordPress is identified as the most popular CMS on the internet. Here are our guidelines to install WordPress through Cpanel. Step 1: Please, login to your CPanel and locate the Fantastico De Luxe icon: Step 2: Find and click the WordPress link. Step Read more [...]